Real Estate Tips for Homebuyers

Whether you are purchasing your first home or an experienced Homebuyer my real estate tips are perfect for everyone. If you need additional advice on Buying Homes in Walkerton, Hanover and Kincardine, please contact me anytime!

Buying Tips

Final Walk-Through’s.

When and Why most lawyers are insisting it be done. Your last chance to make sure what you bargained for is still there.

Protect Yourself. Avoid buying the money pit or lemon.

Home Inspections, Full Sellers Disclosures, Insurance Clauses, Debris Clauses, and Final Walk-through’s are now the norm. Even if a problem arises you may still want the property knowing there is a problem and it can be fixed or you may simply decide it is not for you. Marlene will do her utmost to protect and look after your best interest. That is how you would treat your family, is it not?

Best Buys and Demand Properties are not often found on MLS or the local paper.

Agents usually place these properties in-front of clients who are working with them first. By the time the property is placed on MLS, chances are it’s already sold!

Working with a Realtor assures you of being aware of these properties.

Marlene’s “Home Finder Service” automatically searches ALL companies listings and new listings that meet your guidelines and requirements.

Go to the Lending Institution and get pre-qualified as to what you can afford.

Avoid disappointment by finding the perfect home and not being able to afford it. Marlene will help you choose the right lending institution that not only provides you with the best interest rate, but also the best service. These people want your business.

Chase The Right Agent. Interview the agent and ask about representation.

List what is important to you pertaining to how the transaction takes place, and how you want to search for the perfect home. Ask to see other client testimonials. Are they a good communicator? Are they able to communicate through technology? How well do they know their service area? And, how will they protect you in your purchase. Marlene promises to treat you like family.